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receptors, may also be performed. Blood tests and a lumbar puncture may also be needed. Treatment for blood flow reduction neuro defend of the ideas depends on the location, cause, and extent of the decrease blood flow. A shunt may be inserted to drain the blood flow vessels. Surgery are usually necesary to alleviate inflammation and avoid blood flow decrease. This will be performed by a Neurosurgeon. Certain medicines may also be prescribed. These involve painkillers, corticosteroids or diuretics to reduce inflammation, and anticonvulsants to manage seizures. Can individuals recover from blood flow reduction of the neuro defend? How well the patient responds to a ideas decrease blood flow depends on the sizing of the decrease blood flow and the amount of inflammation. Some patients recover definitely. Possible problems involve activity, lack of of considering procedures, or part effects from medicines or treatments. Death is possible, and may occur despite prompt therapy. Bleeding in the Concepts and medical care carelessness compensation If there was an avoidable hang on in therapy being provided this can offer risk to a claim for medical care carelessness compensation. An example of medical care carelessness would be the patient attending at the GP surgery therapy treatment complaining of usually disappointment, misunderstandings, lack of of feeling in the arms and no co-ordination. The GP fails to evaluate the patient and diagnoses a migraine. The following day, individuals symptoms have not improved and he collapses. He is taken to hospital where he receives a lumbar puncture test and MRI scan which shows he has usually lose blood to the ideas. Immediate surgery therapy treatments are performed to relieve the inflammation but unfortunately the patient now has permanent weakness in his right aspect which effects his ability to walk and he has stopped being able to undertake as a electrician. These are symptoms that potentially indicate a ideas decrease blood flow and the Doctor must take measures through an extensive assessment of the patient and getting an appropriate history, to rule out this possible diagnosis. If the assessment does not rule out a diagnosis of
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