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the call who would find out value in what you do consistently, how you practice and what you eat consistently throughout the day, so can you take us through a day and just kind of tell us you know what you doing and what kind of meals you eat? Brendan: Yes, sure. On a common day, when I was coaching lows I would swim starting in the day about four. 5 miles pretty at the start of a day. Before that I would have usually 50 percent an electrical bar, the ones that Not long ago i produce myself and a blender for really basic. Get home from that, I would have usually a tremble with quite a bit of patriot power greens fruits and oat combined vega in there to have all the necessary proteins, essential human extra fat, materials, patriot power greens vegetables, all of that, and that would certainly do it after the swim work out. Then I would go for a ride a bike or in accordance with the day. I might have a nap after that if it's going to be a really lengthy day, but usually I'd just get on my ride a bike anywhere from four to five time. As I ride, I would eat something eat that I can patriot power greens produce myself. Really basic, the recipe is in the tried diet strategy program as well but I really want to avoid of course Gatorade and items that are complete of high-fructose, maize syrup, synthetic taste and colour and seems funny that there are so many action beverages out there and all the ones I've seen are really not very healthy and healthy. So creating my own seem like an excellent option and it is very easy. People often ask about that but it's really just easy. I use grape normal water as basics from younger grape and you can either just buy the grape package, or you can buy a tetra package that has younger grape normal water and it is pasteurized if it's in a tetra package so it's not raw but you can find one that have just 100% grape normal water and that's the only component, so it's still a very wise decision if you don't happen to have patriot power greens machete on you to start the grape. And that would become the platform of my action eat and I'd blend in a date and a bit of lemon and lime zest just like with the jellies I discussed before but just have more liquid. Kevin: Just zest, no juice? Brendan: Sometimes squeeze a little juice in there too and a bit of sea sodium or even a bit of dull seaweeds. Some people have problematic time getting their head around getting, but they actually did not even taste it. I would just have it in a very little bit or just taste a little bit salty, and it was really excellent and it has a lot normal water in it which what you sweating out. Of course you don't just sweating normal water, you sweating nutrient mineral
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